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Can We Help You? Need Technology Concierge Services?

If we can’t, of course, it won’t cost you a penny! Our goal is to help you get the most out of your high-tech devices, to make them bless you instead of having them create stress for you.

Apple, Microsoft, Google, AOL, Yahoo!  Help!

Does this sound familiar?

My husband has hotmail.  I have AOL, but I also have a GMail account … Oh!  And an Apple account for my iTunes, but I think that ID is from some old email I don’ t use anymore!  My calendar is in Outlook, but my email is with Time Warner, and my contacts are on my phone.  Help!

Do you wonder how some folks seem to make their phones, tablets, and computers just work seamlessly?  Wish it worked as well for you too?  Let us help you bring it all together in a “best practices” approach that will minimize pain and maximize enjoyment of your tools.

If you get tied up in a knot with your tools, you are serving them instead of them serving you.  Let us help.

Monitored / Managed Care
We offer first-class, remote, monitored computer care for $80 / year, or $10 / month.

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Affiliates to Help!
No one can know everything! :) Several Technology Pain Killer Affiliates are available to help you with all sorts of needs and problems. We’ve hand selected affiliates with proven records of competence and customer satisfaction.

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